Talks, Walks & Workshops

Plant Medicine Walk at Uncivilisation 2013 Anyone can connect with plants. We’ve been co-existing with them ever since we appeared on the Earth. It’s a matter of attention. This is what I teach. My plant sessions are open to anyone and everyone, expert and non-expert, experienced plant people or total beginners.

I offer a rich and biodiverse range of talks, walks and workshops: from reconnecting with the plants that grow in your local neighbourhood (e.g. Walking with Weeds), to demonstrating how to make delicious herb teas, meads and ferments from both wild and cultivated plants, to showing how paying attention to plants in all their multi-faceted ways increases wellbeing and a sense of belonging. There are so many things plants are and do, you can work with a single species for a whole year and still there will be new discoveries to be made about it.

Teapot in Tooting detailI work happily with both individuals and groups, depending on the type of session. I’ve worked a lot with community groups, focusing on everything from bee-friendly plants to plants as medicine. My prices are on a sliding scale depending on the finances of the people taking part – I charge more if you’ve got more, less if you have less. Mostly £150 – £250 per day plus expenses.

Please contact me below if you would like to organise a talk, walk and/or workshop. I live near the coast in Suffolk, in the East of England. Have Teapot, Will Travel (within the UK).


Images: Plant Medicine walk and talk at Uncivilisation 2013, Sustainablility Centre, Hampshire, UK (by Jeppe Graugaard); with my Teapot at Tooting Foodival, September 2013 (David Thorne)

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