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Curating Bungay Library Community Garden

I usually call myself a ‘plant person’, which is an expression I first heard in south-eastern Arizona used for people who work intensively with plants in various different ways. I’ve always loved how inclusive and open this description is. Anyone can connect with plants, we’ve been co-existing with them for ever on the planet. It’s a question of attention.

Wild in the City: a Wildflower Walk in Bury St. Edmunds

For years now I’ve been living near the east coast of Suffolk in the UK, where plants continue to infuse my daily life. As part of Sustainable Bungay in Suffolk, I curated a Plant Medicine bed in the local Community Library garden and organised and hosted a whole series of monthly ‘Plants for Life’ talks, walks and workshops on everything from hedgerow medicine to growing organic and biodynamic herbs, from book readings on the dreaming of plants to ‘medicinal’ winemaking and ‘walking with weeds’.


These days I also refer to myself as a plant activist, as a lot of what I do and teach is about connecting people, plants and places. At a time where the Earth is beset by crises on all sides, it makes sense to cultivate a close relationship with the other living beings we share the planet with, including plants and trees.

I love native, medicinal wild plants, members of the mint and sunflower families and plants from Mexico, where I have lived. I work a LOT with Ribwort Plantain, and Lemon Balm and Rosemary. Recently I’ve been drawn to the powerful-smelling and enigmatic Epazote. And then there is always Anise Hyssop.

PFTeapot1-5I enjoy making (and teaching people how to make) plant teas and drinks, and have appeared in many places with my teapot, from Dark Mountain’s final Uncivilisation festival where I led a medicine plant walk, to two Transition Town Tooting Foodivals, where I gave herbal tea demos. I continue to travel with my teapot, making fresh delicious teas from whatever herbal edibles and drinkables are within reach.

In recent years I have expanded my plant activities to include fermentation and passing on what I’ve learnt to others through demonstrations and workshops. Fresh herbal meads are a favourite.

I am available for talks, walks, workshops and travelling teapots and charge according to a sliding scale – I charge more if you’ve got more, less if you have less.

Plant Medicine Workshop with Transition Belsize, London

A note about photos and text on Mark in Flowers blogposts: All text, photos and artwork are by me unless otherwise credited. I’m happy for you to use them so long as you credit them to me (Creative Commons with Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives)

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  1. Posted by small farms matter big on 16/08/2012 at 12:46 AM

    It’s always a pleasure to bump into someone who is genuinely preoccupied by the fact of being alive. Judging by your blog and interests, you are just that. If I lived near by, I’d stop in and say hello. We’d have things to talk about.

    Found you via Gene Logsdon. carry on, friend


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