Summer Plant Highlights (i) – from Humble Pavement to Grander Garden

Epilobium parviflorumAs we move into autumn, I plan to put up some short posts with highlights from my engagement with plants this summer. The first is from mid-June, when I was invited to Bury St. Edmunds by Sustainable Bury to lead a mid-summer plant walk through the town. I found it very rewarding and good fun – the whole group really got into the spirit of the walk and connecting with the natural world via the plants and flowers.

Hoary Willowherb

We spent a couple of hours visiting plants in all different locations – from the humble pavement to the grander (but very friendly) cathedral herb garden and the riverside. In the herb garden we sat and tuned in to plants and place, taking notice of whatever plant our attention was drawn to, whether familiar or unfamiliar, hoary mullein or prickly milk thistle. We then returned to the community garden that Sustainable Bury set up and co-runs, picked an assortment of fragrant fresh herbs (including the delightful lemon verbena) and spoke together about our findings over a collectively brewed herb tea.

From long-forgotten childhood memories of foxgloves in Wales to an increased awareness of colour and smell, to a determination to do this more often, the richness and variety of people’s experience was striking. And all by taking time out to pay a different kind of attention.

Hoary WIllowherb Bury Wall 14 June 2014

Humble Pavements aka “You can’t go anywhere nowadays without people sitting on walls looking at Hoary Willowherb!”

For more info on my talks, walks and workshops, please see here.

Images: Hoary Willowherb by Hectonichus (from Wikipedia under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License); In the street by Sustainable Bury and Sitting on Walls by Karen Cannard; Text by Mark Watson. Creative Commons with attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives

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