Buddleia Coming Up to Full Bloom and Lots of Butterflies

IMG_8826 Buddleia & California PoppiesTwo summers ago on 30th July 2012, I wrote a very short post about how the huge buddleia here at home was in full bloom but that, unlike every year for almost a decade previously, there were hardly any butterflies around to visit the bush. It seemed a very lonely butterfly bush that year and we felt keenly the absence of the red admirals, commas, tortoiseshells, gatekeepers, large whites, meadow browns and peacocks (we’d counted up to two hundred at a time in the past).

Now, this Mark in Flowers blog has a modest number of visitors, it’s true. But a post that comes up again and again when I do check the stats, is precisely this one called Buddleia in Full Bloom but Very Few Butterflies. But it’s better news here this year as far as butterflies (and other insects) are concerned, so I thought I’d better bring things into the present.

20140715_115910 1024x768 enhThis is what’s happening today (15th July 2014) as the buddleia comes up to its full summer bloom. On the bush itself I just counted over two dozen butterflies, mostly peacocks and also several red admirals, tortoiseshells, three large whites and some meadow browns. And more flying elsewhere in the garden. It’s also been a good year for hoverflies, who love the St Johns wort and plantain, and we’ve been visited by many bees of both the bumble and the honey kind.

And the atmosphere is fuller, more vibrant and joyful for the presence of these creatures visiting the plants than when they weren’t here.

16th July: More butterflies today than yesterday, including commas.

Images: Beautiful but lonely – butterfly bush with no butterflies, wild carrot, california poppy, July 2012; this year as the buddleia comes into full bloom the butterflies (and bees and hoverflies) are back

Test and images by Mark Watson, Creative Commons with attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mare Phillips on 20/07/2014 at 6:23 PM

    20th July 2014 – last year, here in Birmingham, our white Buddleia was swarming with peacock butterflies. It is in full bloom now and to date, only ONE visitor. Find this very strange.


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