Short spring post for small spring wildflowers

I’ve been so busy organising the distribution for the upcoming Spring/Summer issue of the Transition Free Press newpaper recently, I’ve hardly had time to focus on the plants. (Do take a look at the above link if you might be interested in subscribing to the paper or ordering a bundle by the way – order deadline is mid-April).

P4020083 lowres
So when we went to pick up our weekly veg box on Wednesday from Malcolm at his smallholding and I noticed an area on his land the size of an allotment full of red deadnettle and field speedwell, I threw myself down on the path beside them to watch the bumblebees whilst he and Charlotte talked about how the vegetables were doing. “I left all those deadnettles there for the bees,” Malcolm told me afterwards. “They really like them.” “Look,” I said, “The whole area is glowing.”

I managed to take a quick photo too, though you can’t see any bees in it. Ah well, can’t win them all!

But I’m definitely in the mood now for leading the wellbeing walk with Sustainable Bungay tomorrow (5th April) where we’ll be visiting spring tonic plants and trees in and around town, and making an energising tea with some of them.


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