More real seeds… coincidentally

I had literally this morning just signed Global2000’s latest appeal for the EU Seed Regulation to be scrapped and begun again from scratch in the EU Parliament’s plenary session vote coming up on 13th March*, when I heard a thud on the doormat. And this is what had arrived:

P3050018 - enh

My latest order from the Real Seed Catalogue. Lovely open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds and none of them genetically modified. And with great names: ‘Lemon Drop’ chili, ‘Special Swiss’ sweetcorn, ‘Dragon Purple’ carrot and my favourite: SUNZILLA ‘very, very BIG SUNFLOWER. Real Seed orders always come with instructions for sowing, harvesting and saving the particular seeds seeds in your order, many of the seeds are heritage and heirloom varieties And the prices are very reasonable.

These are the very types of seeds under threat by the proposed draconian regulation. So do sign the appeal for the EU Seed Regulation to be scrapped and started again from scratch. We need to support seed diversity. And see here to find out more about the proposed law.

* On 11th March the Seed Regulation was voted down by the European Parliament by a majority of 511 to 131 votes. This is great news. However the European Commission has not yet completely withdrawn the proposal, which means that “many small growers, growers’ associations and gardeners at both a professional and amateur level” still stand to be affected by future legislation. Ben Raskin of the Soil Association advises us to be vigilant here.

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