January Yarrows

Images2014-520 - Yarrow bannerIt may have been the stormiest and windiest winter so far for many years here in East Anglia. But it’s also been one of the warmest, the days alternating between sunny, still and mild, then very windy, rainy and mild.

These yarrows on the vergeside down the road from where I live have been in constant bloom since the end of summer. I took these photos this morning.

Yarrow is one of my favourite herbs for resilience, and although it feels odd to see this classic midsummer plant blooming so profusely in midwinter, still I always greet them gladly (and quite often out loud) as I cycle to and from the town.

2014 is going to be the Year of the Teapot for Mark in Flowers, and I’ll be visting all sorts of people and places teaching how to connect to the plants growing locally and the kinds of teas you can prepare from them. If you’d be interested in hosting a teapot session, see here for my Talks, Walks and Workshops info and contact details. And watch this space for updates on the travelling teapot!

Meanwhile for a resilient winter tea
To warm the system up and help keep the body strong in winter, add equal amounts of dried elderflowers and dried yarrow to a pot with a pinch of peppermint. Infuse for at least five minutes. Drink.

Yarrow detail IMG350 7 Dec 2013

Images: Yarrows in flower, Suffolk, 5 January 2014; Yarrows in flower, Suffolk, 7 December 2013. Text and images by Mark Watson under Creative Commons license with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives.

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