Calling All Seed Savers, Small Growers, Plant Lovers – Everyone! Everywhere! Now!

Market Garden Banner 7* 4th Jan 2015 – Please Note: The page linked to below on the Real Seed Catalogue has now been updated to 19th December 2014.

Please READ THIS from the REAL SEED CATALOGUE* about the upcoming EU Seed Regulations – latest update 24th December 2013: MEPs suggest 1144 changes to the proposed laws!

Then WRITE to the MEPs concerned (details in the Real Seed article) before they meet again to discuss the regulations in mid-January 2014.

And even if you don’t speak German, please watch this 1 min 18 sec video “Was Konzerne Aus Der Vielfalt Machen” (What Corporations Do To Biodiversity) from Austrian organisations ArcheNoah* (Noah’s Ark) and Global2000**.

Here are my notes to/rough translation of the video in case they’re useful:
Was Konzerne aus der Vielfalt machenWhat Corporations Do To Diversity
1. Girl goes in with her grandmother and asks greengrocer if he has a tomato. He tells her he has quite a few different types of tomatoes. Here’s one that’s long and dark red; and this huge one’s called ‘Oxheart’ (Marmande). “I’ve even got a yellow tomato.” He hands this one to the girl, who is thrilled.

BLACKOUT and Text:
The EU Seed Regulations (aka Plant Reproductive Material Law) Endanger Diversity
Seeds will then be in the hands of corporations
2. Girl and grandmother in the dark. When the lights go up they find themselves facing a man in a suit behind a display of vegetables with a sign saying SEEDY Inc to his left. There is only one kind of each vegetable. “Good day,” says the man. “What can I do for you?” Girl asks man if he has a yellow tomato. He leans forward ominously and says, “But child, there is no such thing as a yellow tomato.”

Text: Put your signature to “Freedom for Diversity” on

*Society for the Conservation of Plant Diversity and Development
**Austrian independent environmental organisation


Images: tomato diversity from ‘Local Market Garden’, August 2010; bean diversity with Sustainable Bungay from Give and Grow, Walk and Be Well (Please note: images, text & translation by Mark Watson. All subject to Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license)


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  1. Hey Mark! Great Blog!
    Thanks for discussing the video “Was Konzerne aus der Vielfalt machen” here. I recognised that the link is not working. there is a spelling. please check:

    Thank you so much!
    Cheers Vicky from GLOBAL 2000


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