Bright Flowers and Hot Fruits in November

Inspired by a visit from Rose and Jennie (of Wild About Bungay) a few days ago, who both enjoyed seeing (and smelling) the plants here, I thought I’d share some of the flowers in bloom inside and outside the house as I write from the coast of Suffolk, UK, this mild 10th November 2013:

November flowering 1

So from left to right in the above banner you can see: Quillquiña or Porophyllum ruderale, a Latin American plant and culinary herb, which seems to have a million different names and is in the sunflower family (seeds from The Real Seed Catalogue). Mexican Marigold or Cempoalxchitl, also a sunflower, one of my favourites. And ‘Ring of Fire’ chillis, fruits here rather than flowers, although this plant is still flowering. These chilis are very very hot and I can only take so much. But their perfume is extraordinary: as it hits the palate, it goes through four or five different amazing tastes in about five seconds, and then bam!!! Even if you don’t want to put yourself through the scoville challenge though, these arresting solanaceous plants are great to grow for their colour and beauty.

November flowering 2

From left to right in the 2nd banner: Red Geranium (or pelargonium), which flowers all year; another cemp; different kinds of marigolds; smoking tobacco ‘Burley’ and Fiery Mexican Hummingbird sage.

Most of these plants are grown from seed I collect each year after the flowering season. The Ring of Fire chilis are organically grown in a smallholding down the road. The geranium has been with us for a long time. I never tire of seeing those intense red flowers.

Text and images by Mark Watson under Creative Commons license with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives.


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