Autumn Collection #1 What’s On the Blackboard?

Image2013-510 October Harvest 2What’s on the blackboard so far this autumn?

Bottom left: Huge Norfolk Biffin apple from Cathy’s garden scrumped from Sustainable Bungay‘s Grow and Give last Sunday.
Top left: Quince from Nick’s Suffolk Garden, ibid.
Top and bottom centre: Cherry Bomb chillis from Fran’s garden, ibid.
Centre left: Dark grapes from Beryl’s garden, ibid.
Right: Sunflower heads and seeds, garden at home, Suffolk, October 2013.

The blackboard came from last year’s Transition Conference at Battersea Arts Centre in London; several hundred of them were used in the High Street process designed by artist Ruth Ben Tovim of Encounters and then given as gifts to the people who took part.

The food pages of the autumn edition of Transition Free Press form the background.

What doesn’t come across in the picture is the aroma of the apple and quince which had filled the room by the end of the day yesterday, where here near the Suffolk coast the temperature reached 23 degrees at one point.

What’s On The Blackboard? image and text by Mark Watson. Creative commons with attribution non-commercial no derivatives license.


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  1. Like the photo a lot. I wish I would take the time to lay out plant life as you do here.


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