Travels with my Teapot, Next Stop: Tooting

Teapot in Tooting detailThis weekend I travelled to Tooting with my teapot and a bunch of herbs, to join in with Transition Town Tooting’s 6th annual Foodival, a community celebration of locally grown and cooked food. I’d been invited by the group to make fresh herb tea demonstrations and be one of the “distinguished (somehow I must have gone up in the world!) judges” in the informal ‘Top Tooting Cook’ competition, which meant I got to try over a dozen extraordinary salads, stews, snacks and cakes (and even a vegetarian paella), all with the recipes written out and most with the ratio of local/non-local ingredients. It was great fun with a very friendly crew and I was even given the honour of announcing the results.

I based my teamaking on three places:  the Suffolk Herbal Mix came from wild and cultivated plants in my garden and neighbourhood, a good strong fragrant brew with lemon verbena and several types of mint; Lucy’s Garden Tea was a local, uplifting (and antispasmodic) infusion including lemon balm and Andalusian mint and Tooting Community Garden Tea featured calendula flowers, marjoram, peppermint and rosemary. I thought people might be a little wary of fresh herbal teas, but not a bit of it. I was kept on my toes for the whole time on Sunday and people kept coming back for more. There’s just something about those teas!

Tooting Community Garden Flowers and Herbs

Many thanks to David Thorne for (almost) framing me in the top picture and letting me use it. See here for more pics and David’s lovely photo collage.

PS If you would like to host a plant medicine talk, walk or workshop with Mark please see here for details.

Images: markinflowers’ Suffolk Herbal Teapot at Tooting Foodival 29-30 September 2013 (by David Thorne); Tooting Community Garden flowers and herbs plus garden rose from the neighbourhood for Foodival teapot

Text and images subject to Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license

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