September Seed Songs, Remembering Blossfeldt

Seeds tumbling...

In July I published a short blogpost called Admin’s Fine But Don’t Miss the Morning Glories! Well, I took notice of my own advice for a change and made sure I enjoyed those Grandpa Ott morning glory flowers amidst all the admin of the time. Although now I keep missing the Heavenly Blue ones which appear on some of these September mornings!

In this banner (centre and left) you can see the seed songs of those Grandpa Ott flowers, along with datura la fleur lilac seeds (upper right on the left hand image) and Caucasian spinach ones – the shiny black seeds on the righthand image.

As I took the photos and put the banner together, I was put in mind of Karl Blossfeldt (1864-1932), whose Urformen Der Kunst: Photographische Pflanzenbilder (approx: The Original Prototypes for Art: Plant Photographs), from 1928, is one of my favourite books. Looking at his close-up black and white photographs of stems, seedpods and shoots does something to my imagination and, despite the apparent fixity and ‘still-life’ aspect of the form, opens up doors to a very living plant world.


Images: Various black seeds, September 2013 (MW 2013); Aconitum shoot* by Karl Blossfeldt (1928)

Text and images by Mark Watson, subject to Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license, except * (by Karl Blossfeldt), for which see here.


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