The Wasp in the Apple

Image5607 copyI was going to tweet this small story but sometimes 140 chararcters is just not enough. I tried doing the 1) 2) 3) thing but it wasn’t happening.

So my third insect sting this year was just now on the inside of my lip by a small, moribund wasp which had crawled into a hole in a windfall apple (James Grieve, they’ve done pretty well this year) in the garden. I had an odd feeling the apple was inhabited, which probably stopped it (and the wasp) going any further into my mouth or throat! I experienced a slight panic when I thought of that possibilty.

So, I rolled a Ribwort Plantain leaf into a ball and put it on the sting. I used a second leaf about ten minutes later. Result: Slight discomfort, small swelling and half an hour later a slight tingle, swelling greatly reduced. Vive le Plantain lancéolé!

For any readers scrumping, gleaning and harvesting fruit this season, pay (more) attention (than I did) to any holes in apples!

P9120002 copy

DISCLAIMER: This is what I did when I got stung by a wasp this morning on the inside of my lip. This does not mean I advocate or recommend you do it and the information in this post is not intended to replace medical advice from your doctor. In the event of your getting stung and using Ribwort Plantain, I assume no responsibility for your actions. It might possibly help if you’re nowhere near a doctor at the time though.

Plantain banner

Vive le Plantain lancéolé!

Images and text by Mark Watson, September 2013. All posts, text and pics here on Mark in Flowers are subject to Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license.


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