Plant Medicine Walk at Uncivilisation 2013

Plant Medicine Walk at Uncivilisation 2013

Have a smell of this? Mark from Songlines Choir takes a sniff of lemon balm on my plant medicine walk at Uncivilisation 2013

Earth dreaming, lacto-fermentation, a men’s chorus, uncivilised theatre, mychorrizal explorations, a charnel house for roadkill, book readings in 11th century ‘English’ and impromptu singing, storytelling (and dancing!) around a huge fire… these were just some of what was happening at Uncivilisation 2013, the fourth (and final, at least in this form) festival of the Dark Mountain Project, and the first I’d been to.

Then there were the conversations with people I’d only ever spoken with on Twitter before (about 17 in all!). And the warmth of the Mearcstapa hearth. Oh, and singing late seventies disco tunes (with full backing vocals) as we prepared dinner together. These were four unforgettable days!

On Sunday afternoon, just before the festival came to a close, I led thirty people on a plant medicine walk. It was lovely to walk with such a friendly, interested and focused group, so thanks to everyone who came. And particular thanks to Cat Lupton for accompanying me on a rehearsal at midday and gently putting me through my paces. I was far less nervous after that (and the herb tea we made from those dozen plants, emphasis on lemon balm, was delicious). The plants growing at the Sustainability Centre where the festival took place, are quite something and they seemed quite happy to accomodate more than two dozen people sitting down and tuning in with them at the end of an ultra-packed festival. By the way, much appreciation to Rachael for showing me around the wonderful grass meadow, herb garden and vegetable bed on the Thursday we arrived.

I’ve hardly sat down since I got back nine days ago, so I’m putting this picture up before any more time passes, courtesy of Jeppe Graugaard. My camera was resting throughout the festival. A big hug to Kevin Hunn for driving us there and back in his camper van AND for making up a bed in the back so we could rest on the journey home!

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  1. Thank you for the informative and enchanting walk. Your love and knowledge of plant medicine was infectious and a joy to experience. Yes sir, you can boogie.


  2. […] All of us are working for the festival: Jeppe co-hosting a seminar on Time Culture, Mark giving a Plant Medicine Walk, and Kevin stewarding the gate. We had formed our small collective two years ago and in that time […]


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