Mexico, England (and others) in the Same Bed

Tobacco, Huauzontle, Cempoalxochitl, Toronjil banner low res

I’ve now planted out my first Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia), Huauzontles (aka Aztec Broccoli) and Cempoalxochitles (Tagetes erecta) along with several Helianthus sunflowers and some Wild Tobacco. They seem very happy to be in the same bed as introduced species from nearer lands: Borage and Dame’s Violet. They love this sunshine! And they are all grown from either saved or swapped seed. See here from the Real Seed Catalogue about the EU law that every seed-swapping, biodiversity-loving, earth-friendly grower needs to keep a sharp eye on.

Also potted up a couple of wild tobaccos for Nick to add to his collection. Hope I’m round at his place when he opens his next bottle of homemade wine

Banner: (left) Wild Tobacco next to Toronjil seedlings with a Marigold (tagetes) in the background; (right) huauzontle, borage, cempoalxochitl and Dame’s violet.

Text/pics by Mark Watson Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives.


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