This Year’s First Herbal Refresher (aux 47 Plantes)

Herbal banner
Leaves and flowers of 47 plants picked in the early morning yesterday, steeped for ten or fifteen minutes in just boiled water, strained and left to cool. A little honey and lemon juice added later (with some extra fennel, anise hyssop and sweet cicely), and my first refresher of 2013 tasted great (diluted with water – at least 50%).

The drink went down very well at dinner last night with Charlotte, Lucy and Ruth, who had spent the day working on Lucy’s Playing for Time project – a book-in-progress about collaborative, community and transitional arts practice.

All of the plants, both wild and cultivated I collected from the garden, giving myself enough time and space to tune in and not be in a rush. Making refreshers or teas like this is a great way to connect with the plants.

Banner: Herb Diary and flowers, First Refresher Herbs, the pot,  flowers, leaves, the date

Images and text by Mark Watson,  May 2013. All posts, text and pics here on Mark in Flowers are subject to Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license.


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