First Flower Walk and Meeting Veronicas

I set off a bit late on my bike yesterday to meet Charlotte a few miles up the road for a walk on what felt like the first day of spring this year here in Suffolk.

Image3277 copy low res
I was rather late and Charlotte was about to leave for home, and had just left me a message in sticks on the ground.

Image3269 copy low res

The land still looked quite sere, there were hardly any flowers out. Then suddenly along the roadside next to a field a group of bright blue lights flashed. I’ve always loved field speedwells (Veronica persica), and even more so yesterday. They are very merry fellows.

Image3284 copy low res

You can lie down in the unlikeliest of places and feel at home and perfectly relaxed. Such as here on a bridge over a sluice alongside a busy road in the company of the lovely scurvy grass (Cochlearia danica).

Image3291 copy low res

All images by Mark Watson,  April 2013. All posts, text and pics here on Mark in Flowers are subject to Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license.


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