Purple Heart Beats On

Image3264 copy low resPurple Heart
Wandering Jew
Amor de Hombre
Purple Queen

Tradescantia pallida
Setcreasea purpurea

Native to the Gulf Coast of Mexico and Yucatan and happily growing in pots in people’s houses everywhere.

I really like the picture of purpurina growing on the Mayan ruins at Tulum in the Yucatan in a post by David Tarrant here.

But here, in my rather less tropical room near the Suffolk coast of England, I’m especially appreciating the company of this very friendly and exuberant spiderwort this year, where April is still winter, the fields are still brown and it’s a long, long time since I last visited Mexico.

Image: Purple Heart by Mark Watson, Suffolk, April 2013. I originally picked up this now big and handsome plant at Sustainable Bungay‘s first Give and Grow event in May 2010, when it was just two small cuttings. 

Please note: Text and pics for this and all posts here on Mark in Flowers are subject to Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license


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