Mark in Flowers goes distributing papers (as well as seeds)

Happy new year everyone!

TreeTobaccoMy first piece for 2013 on Mark in Flowers is a crosspost of one I wrote for the Transition Free Press website, a callout for transition initiatives and related groups everywhere to sign up for a bundle of this exciting new newspaper on all things cultural downshift. Or to support our crowdfunding campaign. It’s going to be a busy time.

I’m keeping some space for the flowers as well though. This year I’m planning a small Mexican garden here at home, and I’m already excited about Mexican basil, which apparently has a cinnamon taste. And I’ll be growing some more epazote. Oh, and wild tobacco, and old favourites cempoalxochitl and tithonia, and…


Calling All Transition Initiatives, groups and individuals!

Free_Press_by_CheshireBatThe first ‘proper’ edition of the Transition Free Press is fast approaching publication and we need YOU to support us. That’s all those Transition Initiatives, related groups and individuals out there!

The editorial team, contributors, business and distribution departments have been working full-on over the past few months (did we just go through Solstice 2012 and Christmas?), commissioning, writing, collating, interviewing, proofing, editing, picture researching and making connections with the Transition network (small ‘n’) preparing this unique paper for its release on February 1st.

We have now covered the cost of printing and postage. Next up we need to pay contributors and the core team producing the paper.

Why do we need another printed paper in the world? Because the issue you will hold in your hands and read from cover to cover on the train, the bus, the sofa or the toilet, contains reports and stories you just won’t find anywhere else in print media. Stories, from the dedicated transition groups and individuals working towards the energy-leaner future that  for some is already making its presence felt.

This is the paper where you see you’re not alone in making those vital steps towards a more collaborative, less destructive way of life. Read the latest on the gift economy, food and austerity, how communities are standing their ground against fracking and facing land rights issues. Discover what climate change scientists are really saying about carbon levels in the atmosphere and find out how to get local with food growing  and production. We’ll even be introducing an agony column for those times when we all feel lost in transition.

The Transition Free Press is written by transitioners from the UK to Japan to Europe and the Americas. It can be read by everyone everywhere. Because although we might live in different worlds, we share one planet. And that planet is changing, fast.
Mark Watson, TFP Distribution

If you are a transition initiative or community group who would like to distribute a bundle of Transition Free Press papers, see details here.

Or support us on the Buzzbnk crowdfunding platform, here

Read the Preview Issue here.

Transition Free Press – the change is in your heart, head and hands

Images: Tree Tobacco flowering in the house, 1st January 2013 (MW); Cartoon by ~CheshireBat. Everything here is Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


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