A Delight of Quinces

Apart from one or two moments of sunshine, four of the the past seven days here on the Suffolk coast have had continual rain and on the other three we have woken to a mist and gone to bed without it having lifted. I thought I was alone in experiencing the gloomy feeling this weather has brought about, but several people at our core group meeting in Sustainable Bungay last night commented on feeling tired, lethargic, depressed even as Autumn advances.

A break in the gloom came on Sunday when we had a winemaking demonstration. Nick invited a dozen of us around to his place to show us how he does it, using raspberries and elderberries, and I talked about these fruits’ medicinal qualities.

He also gave us a crate of quinces from his garden. I never get bored of the smell of these fruits (and I love Eau de Vie de Coing, or Quince Schnapps, which I haven’t had for years!). The yellow of the fruits almost glow in your hand and just beholding them is a cheering thing, on a sunless day.


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