Poppies In October

Returning home to Suffolk from Transition Camp in East Sussex early this week, I came into a garden still full of blooms: different types of sunflowers, cosmos, fiery hummingbird sage, scarlet lobelia, Mexican evening primrose and a whole host of California poppies.

For me there is only one colour for California poppies and it’s the orange that’s bright and deep at the same time, always astonishing no matter how many months it’s been in bloom, the flowers shimmering against the glabrous grey leaves. This photo shows too much yellow and doesn’t quite get the colour.

California poppies have the sedative action of many of their relatives, but they are mild in comparison, to say, opium poppies, and can even be used to help children sleep.

Me, I enjoy them in their glory in the garden. Though I’ve been surprised these past two years to see so many still in bloom way into October.


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