For Medicinal Purposes (Part One)

Yesterday afternoon, my latest subbing stint for the Sustainable Bungay newsletter completed for the time being, I left Josiah’s kitchen, where he and Charlotte were doing the main work of editing and production, and went out in the rain to see Nick.

Although Iris had told all three of us after lunch, “you lot can go back in the kitchen, I don’t want you in here,” (‘here’ being the living room) and I did think that was quite assertive for a child of not yet three, that was not what made me go out.

“Were you sent away for being a nuisance?” he laughed.
“Well you know what I’m like, Nick. If I don’t have something to focus on I start playing around. And doing the newsletter does require major focus, so that’s why I’m here. I did however come of my own accord, I’ll have you know!”

It was a good moment to stop by. Nick’s house was scented with the apples that he and Cathy and Roger had gone to collect that morning from a nearby primary school as part of Sustainable Bungay’s Abundance project. And he was at that very moment preparing a whole demi-john of elderberry wine in anticipation of our joint Plants for Life workshop later this month,  For Medicinal Purposes.

This will be an informal session on making fruit wines and herbal beers at home. We’ll be focusing on elderberry, raspberry, dandelion and burdock with Nick demonstrating the practicalities and me speaking about the medicine qualities of the plants themselves. I’ll be writing up about it here and on the Sustainable Bungay website, in case you’re interested.

Honestly, any excuse for a drink!

Photo: Nick and the Demi-john – Making elderberry wine


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