Ropa Vieja (Old Clothes) – A Quick Snack from Leftovers

Ropa vieja means old clothes in Spanish. In Mexico it can refer to a meal you make from leftovers. It’s not a specific dish and here are my old clothes from yesterday afternoon when I really needed a tasty snack I could have ready in about 15 mins. Ingredients and method beneath the picture:

1 onion
achocha (aka caigua, homegrown, native to the Andes, squash family, fab vine with loads of fruits, tastes like green pepper and interchangeable with it)
dry bread, cut into rough squares
2 eggs
olive oil
leftover homemade tomato sauce, with homegrown chile pepper

Fry onion and bread in olive oil for a few minutes in large non-stick saucepan or frying pan. Slice achocha (or green, red or any other pepper) in half and remove centre pith with seeds. Slice again and add to pan. A few minutes later add eggs and gently stir them into the mix as in scrambled eggs. At this point I add salt and pepper. When done pour on tomato sauce (preferably heated). Enjoy!

This would taste great with sauteed potatoes.

Text and image by Mark Watson Creative Commons with Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives


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