Rolling Ribwort Plantain Balls for Bites and Stings

Ribwort plantain in flower

I’m working on a more extensive post about Plantain (Plantago ssp) at the moment and hope to publish it over the coming week. Meanwhile I’ve received so many requests from people asking which plants will help with insect bites and stings, I just wanted to say: Ribwort Plantain is your friend. Bites and stings of bees, wasps, ants, nettles, mosquitoes, horseflies and fleas are alleviated by rolling a ribwort plantain (Plantago lanceolata) leaf in your hand into a juicy ball, and applying it to the bite/sting.

Ribwort plantain, leaves

I’ve been using the leaves of this friendly, common, handsome plant all summer and recommending it to everyone.

It really works, often immediately, and is utterly safe. And usually not too far away.

I was stung on the neck by a wasp in a local shop and after making a very unmasculine shriek, I went home, rolled a plantain leaf and applied it to my neck. The pain disappeared immediately and there was no swelling.

So get those balls rolling! And love those plantains!

Juicy rolled ribwort ball


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