Sawing Elm – the Low Carbon Way*

*CHEERFUL DISCLAIMER: The following pictures are NOT intended for educational purposes. I do NOT recommend this way of cutting trees down to anyone and if you are mad enough to follow the manner presented here you do so at your own risk.

Having said that I had great fun, one or two scary moments, got several week’s worth of firewood and ended up soaked in sweat – terribly masculine!

It was speaking with Rose on the phone on Saturday and her stories of the wild men and women in the New Zealand outback that got me off my backside and up the dead elm. What I’m doing here is tame in comparison.

Maybe I should open another blog/twitter account: markintrees?

Pics by Charlotte Du Cann

Post and Pics subject to Creative Commons with Attribution

3 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! I’m impressed! You know the old saying: you warm yourself three times, once cutting the wood, once carting it and once burning it. Not that we’ve needed much fire this winter…


  2. Certainly haven’t had to burn much of it yet, Adrienne. And I keep dressing up too warmly for the weather and end up going coatless…


  3. […] this year I wrote about felling a dead elm at the bottom of the garden and how I managed to get the first three trunks done by hand. I’d […]


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