Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for…

Great big beautiful sunflowers. This is a cross between a ‘Tarahumara’ white-seeded sunflower and a dark brown one we grew in the bed last year. Could it be a new form (Helianthus annum var. markwatsoniensis?) There are two growing and no other sunflowers out near them at the moment. Well, it shows the bees were busy last year!

And abundant shining St. John’s Wort. I watched this honeybee visit every single flower on this plant a week or so ago. Honeybees are uncommon in our intensively farmed neighbourhood, although this year we’ve seen an increase in bumblebees and hoverflies.

We leave the garden mainly ‘wild’ with a few cultivated beds. So the bumble queens hibernate amongst the tussocks of grass and are safe.

I’m busy planning my Bee and Flower walk and Healing Power of Honey talk for the Bungay Beehive Day on 24th July on Castle Meadow in Bungay, Suffolk. It’s an all day event, free to attend (donations appreciated though) and packed with demonstrations, talks, walks and exhibitions of ‘all things bee’. Bungay Community Bees is the first community supported apiculture project in Britain. If you’re free on 24th come and pay us a visit. Read more here about the project…


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